What's new?

This is a summary of new features added to the site. You can see the full development history on GitHub.


  • Allow users to block Private Messages from other users.
  • Stop Private Messages being checked for Spam.
  • Fix Richtext editor on new thread form.


  • More HTML email fixes: make sure formatting is somewhat preserved, remove another way to get empty paragraphs.
  • Clarify what happens when user accounts are deleted.
  • Link Emails with the message they create


  • Remove unwanted HTML when pasting into richtext box. This should fix some formatting issues we've been having.


  • Block posting messages until richtext editor is initialised.
  • Add spellcheck to richtext editor.
  • Remove empty paragraphs from messages.


  • Fix hashtags with richtext.


  • If email has HTML part use that, if not covert email to HTML as we now store messages from the web interface as HTML.
  • Thread API fix with group.
  • Constrain profile picture size in HTML emails.


  • Richtext box fixes (make scrollable, strip trailing blank paragraphs, auto link URLs, remove underline from links, fix search formatting).
  • Strip Facebook tracking from links.


  • Allow issues and message to be written in HTML.
  • Update emails to be in HTML and plain text.
  • Add membership API.


  • Fix uploading large images, we were converting them to PNG instead of respecting their file type.


  • Improve image edit.
  • Improve potential group members, allow 'Name <email@example.com>' email format, improve validations.
  • Add introduction to site comments.
  • Try to force Gmail to always show unsubscribe footer.
  • Fix photo email links.


  • Speed up creating new messages (submit form using AJAX).
  • Add map key.
  • Increase active group members table.


  • Add image edit


  • Add action messages where specific actions can be added and later completed in a message thread.
  • Fix email links to messages due to the floating header bar.
  • Add more Planning Application areas.
  • Add most active users to the groups page.
  • Improve warning when posting a message that is not approved.


  • Prevent double clicking when voting.
  • Fix group search when group has no location.
  • Fix approving group membership requests when user has already become a member.


  • Try to fix font bug again.
  • Fix access denied and follow button spacing, thanks to @DoccyB


  • Revert Firefox font bug (caused more issues).
  • Fix missing user location bug.


  • Speed up site: load vote details after page has loaded.
  • Fix Firefox font bug.


  • Add a warning when navigating away from part filled issues or messages.
  • Allow thread priorities to be edited from the dashboard.
  • Add hashtags to the search.
  • Strip more HTML tags from posts.
  • Fix location bug for new groups.
  • Fix planning application pull


  • Fix group profile edit.
  • Change group logo resizeing.
  • Add missing Map message text.


  • Add Map as a message reply type.
  • Add group logos.
  • Make Geocoder more configurable.
  • Minor / bug fixes: hide most message reply types unless user is signed in and fix searching for groups with no name.


  • Update search (sometimes threads were not appearing for a while due to a bug)
  • Update ruby to a secure version.
  • Imporve API options, add messages and message threads.
  • Make more of the site work in Czech and English.


  • Fix: validate threads with group privacy have a group.
  • Fix: group profile edit when validation failed was crashing, now return an error.
  • Fix: display linebreaks from Cyclestreets photos.
  • Fix: when unsubscribing from a thread via an email link redirect to the home page (instead of back to the thread).
  • Fix: popular threads must have postive votes.


  • Allow header, footer, map tiles, email (and others) to be altered in the site admin.
  • Add Planning applications to the main search.
  • Add tooltip of people who liked an issue or message.


  • Change how voting works so it is one click. Add ability to vote on messages.
  • Allow unsubscriptions from email in one click.
  • Add group find on front page.
  • Add twitter feed to front page.
  • Minor style fixes (on front page and location edit).


  • Add link to top at the bottom of the screen.
  • Allow committee to manage group threads.
  • Remove delay before allowing threads to be closed.
  • Fix error message when a non-committee user tries to view a committee thread.
  • Fix thread creation bug.


  • Revamp adding a user location: can select preset group geometries, constituencies or wards. Use CycleStreets to add a route to regular destination. Add auto-detect of current area. Show number of issues in drawn area over the last month.
  • Users have only one location, previous multiple locations have been merged into one (with multiple geometries).
  • Order message thread subscribers by last name.
  • Paginate My Cyclescape.
  • Fix top bar when scrolling down.
  • Denote Committee emails.
  • Automatically subscribe committee members to admin threads.
  • Highlight unseen message threads.
  • Display number of unseen private messages in top navigation.
  • Add link to individual message in email digests.


  • Allow issues (along with library items, groups) to be connected to multiple locations.
  • Add potential members to groups where a committee member can upload a membership list so when a user signs up they are automatically added to the group if their email matches one in the potential members list.
  • Allow admin to disable groups (for when they are no longer active).


  • Add groups to the API
  • Improve CycleStreets photo reply image size and fix link.


  • Add CycleStreets photo reply see more …
  • Set leader as a reply type see more …
  • Add link for group committee to current group membership.
  • Link to deadlines and order private messages.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Only email active members about deadlines.
    • Fix PlanIt planning applications.
    • Fix error message with long issue titles.
    • Fix collision checkbox.
    • Speed up tag cloud.
    • Disable "Submit button" on all reply types when not logged in.


  • Add social sharing buttons.
  • Update JavaScript installation method.


  • Allow user to set locale.
  • Fix missing friendly dates.
  • Update new user and lost password pages styling.
  • Add location to library documents.
  • When creating issue update the title word count so user knows when it is too long.


  • Migrate from OpenLayers to Leaflet (this changes all the maps and map editing).
  • Changing tabs now updates the browser URL.
  • Simplified translation process (and work around Internationalization).
  • Tag cloud../tags
  • Download deadlines as iCal .ics files.
  • Minor Fixes: group request titles, removing site comments, fix thread moderation issue, deadline emails missing message title, fix thread unsubscribing issue, planning search is now case insensitive.


  • Zoom to feature on map search (instead of a generic zoom)
  • Improve group request page
  • Move API documentation
  • Allow users to leave groups
  • Other bug fixes around private messages


  • Zoom to feature on map search (instead of a generic zoom)
  • Improve group request page
  • Move API documentation
  • Allow users to leave groups
  • Other bug fixes around private messages


  • Respect locale for users browsing in different countries
  • Add thread, issue id to search
  • Order group index
  • Show all tagged thread respecting privacy
  • Minor bug fixes (remove PM to self, remove invalid thread privacy, stop unapproved messages updating thread timings)
  • Style changes
    • Dynamically set new thread modal size
    • Reduce select options font size
    • Warning / Success message widths
    • Fix missing thumbnail spacing


  • Fix nearby issue button
  • Expose reply by email link
  • Allow issue creator to change issue in indefinitely
  • Add [Committee] next to committee users


  • Make searching more robust
  • Fix page headers
  • Make issue URL unique (issues/123-anything used to work, now only /issue/123-title works)
  • Handle planning applications with no location
  • Add ical attachment to deadline emails
  • Force email addresses to be unique
  • On issue show add issues nearby button


  • Add all day option to deadlines and issues
  • Add option to send Private Messages
  • Add issue nearby
  • Auto link threads and issues using short syntax (thread 123, thread no 123, thread no. 123, thread #123 or #t123 - or i for issuej) on view
  • Minor Fixes
    • Error on creating new issue,
    • Stop sending blank digests
    • Fix external link on issue
    • Thread subscription inconsistency
    • Show tag names in tag search
    • Simplify some sign-up text
    • Speed up subscribing to threads
    • Improve deadline date format


  • Add times to deadlines
  • Add 'Back to top' link


  • Email digest option
  • Ical link for deadlines in dashboard


  • Added ability to close threads
  • Send email about upcoming issue and thread deadlines


  • Performance improvements
  • Filter out irrelevant planning applications (currently limited to Cambridge area only)
  • Add tag styling
  • Paginate tag search results
  • Thread priority more easily settable using one click
  • Send welcome email for new users
  • Make new group member's email editable by the group's committee
  • Creating an issue from planning application now includes main link
  • Added search to issues map


  • Improve search results, boost results in title, added pagination
  • Searches within a Group now limit results to that area
  • Add spam messages moderation, now will moderate posts by users not part of a group or if the message is possible spam
  • Strip email encryption keys from messages (p7 and pgp keys)
  • Add bicycle wheels maths check to reduce spam signups
  • Style permission denied pages


  • Improved email threading and removed PGP signatures
  • Fixed site feedback submission
  • Upgraded many old libraries (esp. kaminari, dragonfly)


  • Upgraded to Rails 4.2
  • Various bug fixes



  • Upgrade to Rails 4.1


  • Update old JavaScript libraries


  • Add group pictures
  • Make user account URL more friendly, use '/settings/account' format
  • Upgrade to Rails 4.0


  • Privacy Updates
  • Before

    • your full name was hidden if you had a display name (apart for admins for groups you requested to join)
    • your profile was always visible to everyone


    • users now can see the full name (in the profile) of anyone who is in the same group
    • if you have profile visibility set to group (in the user preferences) then their profile will not be visible publicly (only to members in one of your groups)


  • User friendly URLs for profile, location and preferences edit


  • Add a checkbox for collision data on issue map
  • Add new group request form
  • Update Devise (how users log in)


  • Add Street View message type
  • Add more missing translations
  • Paginate popular issues


  • Pull Planning Applications from PlanIt
  • Add local Planning Applications to MyCyclescape
  • Add Planning Application search and voting to hide


  • Add some missing translations
  • Make message link permanent
  • Upgrade many libraries


  • Fix a bug where thread creators could end up subscribed twice
  • Ensure that all thread emails mention the thread privacy setting
  • Add more warnings that all issue information is public
  • Allow profiles to be hidden from non-group members.


  • Line-breaks between quoted text and reply are preserved when posting via email
  • All "2 months ago" style links now show you the actual date when you hover over them
  • Style improvement to the group page listing


  • Rephrase lots of the working around adding users to groups, to reduce confusion
  • Users get notified when they are added to a group
  • Adding library item messages has been fixed


  • Cyclescape can now be translated using Transifex
  • Added lots of functionality for subscribing and unsubscribing from threads when joining/leaving groups, adding/deleting locations and changing preferences


  • Support for the tools menu on touchscreens
  • Add about and userguide links to the header


  • Enable users to cancel their accounts and cleanly handle group memberships etc
  • Allow users to specify a message when asking to join a group - can be used for membership numbers etc


  • Add a maximum size for issues
  • Allow group membership secretaries to review individual membership requests
  • Allow group membership secretaries to approve individual membership requests via the email notification


  • Link to the groups gallery from the front page
  • Make links in group descriptions clickable on maps and in the compact listing


  • Avoid autoscrolling when linking to a specific message
  • Lots of localisation fixes to support Czech translations


  • Support basic threading in message thread email notifications
  • Fix some broken page titles and missing translations
  • Allow admins to delete site comments (helps deal with spam)
  • Add group preferences to control membership request notifications
  • Create an option for groups to have a membership secretary


  • Limit the number of issues shown on your overview
  • Improvements to the group membership management


  • Planning applications now integrated - thanks to a data feed courtesty of OpenlyLocal. Planning applications are listed on the My Cyclescape page, and each can be promoted to an issue like any other.


  • Various labelling added around the site to clarify various features
  • My Cyclescape subscribed threads listing increased to 12 items
  • Various improvements to administrative area


  • Areas are now the default type when adding locations and issues
  • File sizes are shown for attachments and library documents
  • Messages can be promoted into library items, depending on the message type
  • Group descriptions can now contain links and are automatically formatted like messages
  • Library notes can be edited for a short time after they are created, to fix typos
  • A new issue (or a new thread) will only generate one notification email, regardless of your settings, groups and locations
  • The issues map has improvments, making large issues transparent, smaller ones easier to click and highlighting which one is selected


  • Fixed the map drawing interface on IE7
  • Improved layout of the voting buttons on the issue page


  • Email attachments sent to a thread will create new photo or attachment messages as appropriate
  • Fix bugs in the map when editing issues on IE8
  • Tags are copied from issues onto new threads
  • Maps on the group pages now only show issue in the group area
  • Allow tagging of library items when they are being created
  • Tabs are now "sticky", so if you click 'back' you'll end up on the pane you were looking at
  • ... and you can also link to a particular tab in the same places
  • Posting any type of message will subscribe you to the thread
  • Increased privacy - last poster on a private thread is no longer shown
  • New "catch me up" feature on user locations - easily subscribe to existing threads in your area
  • Various minor bugfixes and restylings


  • Committee members can now add issues to administrative threads, or change the issue on an existing issue thread
  • Tags now have autocomplete suggestions - type a few characters to see matching tags
  • You can link directly to messages more easily - click on the posting time to see the url
  • Fixed a bug with document creation not giving friendly error messages


  • Textareas now automatically resize as they fill up with text, making longer comments easier to write
  • Duplicate display names are no longer allowed (matching full names are of course permitted)


  • Reduce duplicate messages by disabling submit button after posting
  • Rework the logic for where you end up after signing in - should now handle more situations gracefully
  • Improvements to message posting speed by making thread search update an asynchronous process
  • Groups can now have custom joining instructions


  • Added a global search, instead of individual thread/issue/library searches
  • Security updates


  • Thread search! Shows results from all public threads and private threads that you have access to
  • Added a new "User Priorities" tab to the dashboard, showing your prioritised threads
  • Replying to a new thread notification will now subscribe you to that thread
  • Added functionality to reply to certain new thread notifications
  • Fixed bug with subject of new group location issue notifications
  • Fixed bug with display of attachment messages in some thread summaries
  • Fixed bug with unsubscribed threads showing up in dashboard


  • Complete rework of preferences options. You should check yours now!
  • Notifications for new issues and new threads on relevant issues
  • Options to subscribe automatically to all threads
  • Global option to enable / disable email.
  • Dashboard shows subscribed threads rather than only those you've posted to
  • Fixed bug where censored deadlines were showing on dashboard
  • Show latest thread activity rather than creation details in more places


  • Upgrade of underlying Rails technology to the 3.2 series.
  • Fixed bug with incoming emails. Messages from some people were being lost if they contained £ symbols
  • Less ugly thread unfollow button


  • Added committee-only threads
  • Show recently popular issues tab on the Issue overview page


  • Fixed notification emails for attachment messages
  • Improved alignment of avatar images


  • Collisions layer added to maps on issue pages
  • Deadline tab added to overview page
  • Thread activity icons fixed


  • Improvements to the display of overlapping issues on the map
  • Attachments can be added to threads
  • Fixed bugs with popups not disappearing


  • Issues list in group context only shows issues in that group's area.
  • Logging in returns the user to the last group they were in.
  • New thread notifications can be replied to.


  • Added what's new page.
  • Added following indicator to main thread lists.
  • Increased message box size.
  • Disable voting and message box if you cannot use them.
  • Fixed bug with invalid tags being entered.
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